Dentistry may not excite some folks. And the thought of going to see your dentist may not have you canceling your golf tee time. We get that. And while we know we may not make a convert out of everybody, we think we were put here on the corner of 14th and Lovejoy to change that perception.

We’d like to think that we’re pretty good at the advanced clinical stuff. We’ve spent hours and hours training and then a ton more hours keeping that training up-to-date. Dr. Rafia has earned his FAGD for all those hours in continuing education.

Sedation? Yes, we can do that! We have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) or valium-like prescriptions for our patients who may experience anxiety at their dental appointments.

Technology? Only the best and the safest in digital imaging, low-radiation dental CT units to plan for implants, paperless charts and cloud servers for our records. We even have Wired magazine in our waiting room.

But you know what sets us apart? Nice People. We specialize in those. Nice people with a smile on their faces who are happy to be of service. That is the first and most important part of what we do everyday, and what motivates us. Payment options, insurance, billing, coding, forms, and basically all the stuff that give you a headache and keep you away: we’ll take care of them so you don’t have to. You needed to get in yesterday-fast? Not a problem. You’ve been talked at, and not talked to, in the past? Call us and let us show you what you’ve been missing.